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   Honorary German Consul 

Typical services offered by our office (by appointment only) are: certification of copies of original documents, simple notarials of signatures (the Honorary Consul does not provide 'full' notarials which is the stronger form of notarization including giving advice to the person signing the document about the legal meaning and consequences of the declaration to be notarized), renunciation of German citizenship, proof of life (Lebensbescheinigung) document certifications, witnessing/certifying signatures on power of attorney documents (Vollmacht), rejection of inheritances (Ausschlagung der Erbschaft), notarials of signatures on real estate transactions or other contracts of value, relaying of official retention of German citizenship documents (Genehmigung zur Beibehaltung der deutschen Staatsangehoerigkeit).  We do not accept passport applications. Passport applications may be made in person, by appointment only, at either the Consulate in Houston or the passport offices at Fort Bliss, 512 Fanner Rd. in El Paso, TX. The telephone number at Fort Bliss is 915/201-5815. If you cannot get through you must keep trying. There is no voicemail capability, and if your phone number does not show up in their phone they will not be able to return your call. For more information on German citizen services, contact the Consulate or log on to the official German Government website at